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Vastushastra - A Science of Construction

Vaastu essentially deals with two energy sources the solar energy flux and geomagnetic energy flux. As we all know there are five basic elements in the whole world. They are the Earth, Water, Air, Fire(Heat & Light) and Sky(Cosmic). Vastu is a science of balancing these elements in the proper proportions for harmony. Vaastu is the art of correct settings one can place himself in such a manner as to derive maximum benefits. Vastu Shastra is also said as an ancient mystic science for designing and building. Vastu Shastra helps us to make our lives better and will secure from things going wrong.
Vastu Tips
If you are constructing house or purchasing flat, do consider on following Vaastu Tips :
Prayer Room - North-East corner of the house. Deity or image of god should not face the south direction. Ideal position for making prayer etc is east or west facing sitting.

Room of Head of the Family - South-West.

Master Bed Room - South-West corner of the house. If the house has more than one floor then, then it should be on the top most floor. The ceiling should be in level, this makes the energy of the room uniform, which in turn gives one a steady state of mind.

Children’s Room – North-West or west side. To have a better concentration they should have a separate study close to their bedrooms.
Drawing Room - North-West, South or west direction. The furniture should be kept in South and West directions. Open space should be maximum in North and East directions.
Study Room - The North-East, North-West, North, West, East are best for a study room. If the study room and place of worship room are adjacent then it is considered most beneficial. These directions attract the positive effects of Mercury increasing brain power, Jupiter increasing wisdom, Sun increasing ambition and Venus helps in bringing about creativity in new thoughts and ideas.
Dining Room - The dining room should be constructed in South-East. The dining room and kitchen should be on the same floor and it should be adjacent to the kitchen from the left. The entrance to the dining room and the main door should not be facing each other. The dining table should be square of rectangular in shape and should not be attached or folding against the wall.
Bathroom - West and South directions and the flow of its drains should be towards North-East.
Toilet - South or West. Never build toilets in the direction of eastern corner. Latrin seat should be NORTH-SOUTH so that face be towards south or West while sitting.
General Room - North-West.
Room for Guests – North-West
Room for Girl member – North-West
Kitchen - South-East. The face of the cook should be towards the East. The water tap in kitchen should be in the North-East direction. It is better if the stone on which food is cooked, is of red colour.

Store Room - Southern part of the building. Grain and other related commodities should be stored in the kitchen or in other rooms and cupboards. Things should not be stored in diwans and box beds because it effects the magnetic environment of the self and the room causing sleeping disorders.
Height of Rooms - Rooms in the northern part of the house should be larger than the rooms in the southern side by 6-9 inches, and lower by 1-3 inches. Height of rooms should ideally be, 12- 14 feet. Doors/Windows As far as doors are concerned, the main door should be larger than the inner doors and all doors should open towards the walls. All windows should be at least 3 feet 6 above ground level, and should be at the same level from the top. Window openings should be on the northern and eastern sides of the buildings
Daily Waste Storage - South-West corner of the kitchen.
Water Tank - North-West, but could be kept in West also.
Door - North and East. When someone enters, the waves emerging from the doors affect his / her mind because the magnetic waves always flow around us.
No Room - North-East. Room in this direction increases the possibility of getting female child.
No bedroom - South-East. Bedroom in this direction increases anger and deprives occupant from sound sleep and becomes prone to take wrong decision. Children also do not take interest in studies.

Minimum Vastu principles
1. Rooms should be of square or rectangular shape. These should be airy, well sun lighted and clean.
2. For Kitchen South-East Direction is preferable. Avoid keeping mirror in Kitchen;
3. For Bedrooms south & south west Directions are preferable. In the bed room, placement of Bed should be in such way that head be in East or South or South-West direction. Avoid keeping any water feature or plants in the bed room. Consider on colour of walls in bed room also.
4. Center place of home should be clean and vacant. Corners of room should be well lighted.
5. Heavy structure & Stairs should be in South-West Direction. Ladder to go up stair curved on the right side should be divided in to two parts. It should be constructed leaving north-east or south-west direction. Ladders stepping down towards north or west create waste of Lakshmi.
6. For worship, prayer or Meditation North-East Direction is preferable. Deity or image of god should not face the south direction. Ideal positions are such that you face east or west while praying.
7. Dining-room should be in proximity of kitchen but not exposed to the front door of house.
8. The seat in the latrin should be NORTH-SOUTH. Worshiping place should not be in proximity of latrin room.
9. Placement of computer should be made on user’s right side on the table.
10. Place an aquarium in the south-east corner in living room. Place a picture of bright sunrise on southern wall in living room. Place a picture of bright sunrise on southern wall in living room.

Vaastu Tips for Factory

1. The shape of the land, roads, uninterrupted availability of water and electric power etc. should be kept in mind.

2. According to `Vaastu Shastra` the main gate of factory should be kept in the East, North or North-East of the plot. All other doors can be kept in North-East, East, North or North-West.

3. The guardroom of the factory should be in North-West of the Northern gate and to the South-East of Eastern gate.

4. There must be open space in the North- East. The land of the factory should be elevated in South-West.

5. The store of the factory should be in the South-West.

6. The North-West corner should be used for car-parking.

7. The administrative block should either be in the North or in the East.

Vaastu Tips for office

1. Tips for office1. Money and valuables should be kept in an Almirah or safe facing north.

2. If north is blocked it can be cured with the help of regulators.

3. A boring or tube well in south is very harmful for finance.

4. A pit or under ground tank in south is also very harmful for finance.

5. Certain pictures of god goddess and proper placement of mirrors brings financial gains in the house.

6. Water flowing from north to east is very good.

7. A water fountain in the north east part of the house or factory is very good.

8. An aquarium with 9 gold fish and one black fish, in the north east corner/portion of the house or factory is very good.
Direction and Its Significance

East (Sun): - Gives wealth and all pleasures of life.
West (Saturn ) :- Is the rain God. He showers His blessings through rain and brings all round prosperity.
North ( Mercury ) :- Is the God of wealth. He grants us wealth and all comforts of life.
South ( Mars ) : - Is god of Death. He eradicates evils and grants all good things.
North East ( Jupiter) : -The Supreme Being - God. Grants wisdom, knowledge, all comforts and relieves all sufferings of all human beings.
North West (Moon ) :- Blesses us long life, health and strength. He is the basis of all life.
South East (Venus ) : - Gives us a beautiful personality and all the best in our lives.
South West (Dragon's Head) :- Vanishes the fear of enemies.