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ANGARAKA dosha exists if Mars is placed in 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12 from Lagna. Some say it exists if Mars is similarly placed from Moon or from Venus. There are many exceptions for Angaraka Dosham. Mars's placement in Mithuna or Kanya is one such exception. Jupiter's aspect on, or conjunction with Mars, or Mars's exaltation or debilitation also nullifies Kuja Dosham. For Kataka and Simha Lagna there is no Kuja Dosham. If the Mahadasa of Mars has passed or is not likely to occur, Angaraka Dosham need not be feared much.

Marry Another Person with the Same Condition
Two people with the birth chart planetary placements which cause this affliction can marry. In that case, the condition is in effect cancelled out. According to some Vedic astrologers, however, two people with angaraka dosha (also known as manglik dosha, kuja dosha or bhom dosha) are unlikely to find each other attractive.

Recite the Appropriate Mantra
Angaraka dosha stems from the way the planet Mars is placed in the person's birth chart as cast by Vedic astrology. Daily recitation of the 108 names of Mangala Graha, or the planet Mars, can alleviate the suffering this placement usually causes.

Postpone Marriage until Age 31 or Older
Age enables a person to handle the problems of angaraka dosha. Vedic astrology postulates that the energies of Mangala, the planet Mars, matures within each individual at age 28. After that age, a person is better able to responsibly use the energies of Mars. Rahu (the moon's south node), one of the other "malefics" of this system of astrology, also reaches maturity at age 28. The other of the three malefics, Shani (Saturn), matures at age 31. On her website, Vedic astrologer Barbara Pijan explains that by the time a person reaches age 31, the three malefics have completed their "karmic mischief making." In terms of personal development, Pijan says, "even for severest Kuja Dosha, the wisdom of age can make it possible to have a satisfying, spouse-respecting, non-abusive marriage."

Angaraka Astottara Shata Namavali
(The 108 names of Mangala Graha or planet Mars)
This is good for affliction caused by Mars or Mangala. Recite this everyday to lessen the problems and sufferings caused by Mangal Grah or planet Mars. This is also a very effective remedy for this Dosha.

Om mahisutaya namah
Om maha bhagaya namah
Om mangalaya namah
Om mangala pradaya namah
Om maha virayam namah
Om maha shuraya namah
Om maha bala parakramaya namah
Om maha roudraya namah
Om maha bhadraya namah
Om mananiyaya namah
Om dayakaraya namah
Om manad ya namah
Om aparvanaya namah
Om kruraya namah
Om tapa traya vivarjitaya namah
Om supratipaya namah
Om sutamrakshaya namah
Om subrahmanyaya namah
Om sukhapradaya namah
Om vakra stambhadi gamanaya namah
Om varenyaya namah
Om varadaya namah
Om sukhine namah
Om virabhadraya namah
Om virupaksaya namah
Om vidurasthaya namah
Om vibhavasave namah
Om naksatra chakra sancharine namah
Om kshatrapaya namah
Om kshatravarjitaya namah
Om kshaya vriddhi vinirmuktaya namah
Om kshama yuktaya namah
Om vichakshanaya namah
Om akshina phaladaya namah
Om chatur-varga phala pradaya namah
Om vitaragaya namah
Om vitabhayaya namah
Om vijvaraya namah
Om vishva karanaya namah
Om nakshatra rashi shancharaya namah
Om nana bhaya nikrintanaya namah
Om vandaru janaman daraya namah
Om vakra kunchita murddhajaya namah
Om kamaniyaya namah
Om dayasaraya namah
Om kanat kanaka bhushanaya namah
Om bhayaghnaya namah
Om bhavya phaladaya namah
Om bhakta bhaya varapradaya namah
Om shatru hantre namah
Om shamope taya namah
Om sharanagata poshanaya namah
Om sahasine namah
Om sad guna dhiaksaya namah
Om sadhave namah
Om samara durjayaya namah
Om dushta duraya namah
Om shishta pujyaya namah
Om sarva kashtha nivarakaya namah
Om dush-cheshta varakaya namah
Om dukkha bhanjanaya namah
Om durdharaya namah
Om haraye namah
Om du-svapna hantre namah
Om dur dharshaya namah
Om dushta garva vimochanaya namah
Om bharadvaja kulam adbhutaya namah
Om bhu sutaya namah
Om bhavya bhushanaya namah
Om raktam varaya namah
Om rakta vapushe namah
Om bhakta palana tatparaya namah
Om chatur bhujaya namah
Om gada dharine namah
Om mesha vahaya namah
Om sita shanaya namah
Om shakti shula dharaya namah
Om shaktaya namah
Om shastra vidya visharadaya namah
Om tarkakaya namah
Om tamasha dharaya namah
Om tapasvine namah
Om tamra lochanaya namah
Om tapta kanchana samkashaya namah
Om rakta kinjal kaman-nibhaya namah
Om gotra adhi devaya namah
Om gomadhy acharaya namah
Om guna vibhushanaya namah
Om asrije namah
Om angarakaya namah
Om avanti desha adhishaya namah
Om janardanaya namah
Om surya-yamya pradeshasthaya namah
Om ghune namah
Om yamya harin mukhaya namah
Om trikona mandala gataya namah
Om tridasha adhipasannutaya namah
Om shuchaye namah
Om shuchikaraya namah
Om shuraya namah
Om shuchi vashyaya namah
Om shubha vahaya namah
Om mesha vrischika rashishaya namah
Om medhavine namah
Om mita bhashanaya namah
Om shukha pradaya namah
Om shurupa akshaya namah
Om sharva bhishta phala pradaya namah
Eti Sree Angaraka Astottara Shatanamavali Samaptam


Vishal said...

Thank you sooo much for the insight into the Dosha. However, I was curious about how does one find out if they have this particular dosha in the kundli (when the kundli is not physically present). Are you aware of any sites which help in assessing the same.

Thank You once again :)

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Dear sir,
where ca I get AngarakDosh Puja done in Mumbai?

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Ranganath M said...
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Ranganath M said...

Thank you for this.

Some astrologers say this manglik dosha cannot be nullified. Some say it can be nullified. Don't know which one to belive.

I consulted Bro4u Asrologers Bangalore

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