Saturday, June 19, 2010


The conjunction of either Rahu or Ketu with Sun or Moon is termed as Grahana dosa. Sun being the king of planets does not fear for any rest of the planets than the Ketu. Grahana dosa offers hurdles and suffererences. The parents suffer, also the brother and sisters in same ways. At the adult (before crossing the Rahu or Ketu dasa) the occupation/career/profession won't be stable. The native will be with Agankara, jealousy, Greedy etc. They won't listen to others. The family life too they feel not very entertaining at times. The conjunction of Sun and Rahu brings trouble in the occupation. We cannot many
with this conjunction in the government jobs. This conjunction at the first house brings a lot of wealth to the father of the native. At in the thrid house it brings promotions in the occupation, in the fourth house the native goes abroad to suffer, but in the fifth house it brings a lot of success at abroad, in the 9th house it offers higher education, inthe 7th house loss of wealth due to the involvement with affairs, at the 10th house it brings loss of wealth due to the involvement in politiics. From the ascendant with in the first six houses if the conjunction of Rahu and Moon is found the mother's realtives will suffer very much till the age of 12 of the child.
Upaya: Grahan dosha nivaran pooja/ shanti on amavaysa or grahan day. Donate alms on grahan day.

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